EduSnap helps schools and districts support their professional development efforts.

Yvonne Caamal Canul, Superintendent Lansing School District

“The EduSnap has revolutionized the conversation on student engagement and teaching for learning.  It has provided a data-driven approach to structure our district wide professional learning, school improvement, and curriculum alignment.  The EduSnap provides real-time instructional process data so that professional learning teams can collaborate on developing effective practices as well as continuously modify teaching techniques.  In addition, the EduSnap has given our district a shared lexicon so that we are all on the same page as we move the needle on student achievement.  This laser-like focus on instructional practices and the student’s experience in the classroom has given our professional learning conversations a new life and energy because the EduSnap Data is in the language of educators and for educators.”

Jim Hogeboom, Superintendent Novato Unified School District

“For one thing, now all of our elementary principals are on the same page with using data, developing a culture of caring and equity.  When our elementary principals meet together, they can share common successes and challenges and so our collaboration and effectiveness and sharing of best practices has increased ten fold.  We are all looking at common data, developing equity and data plans with a common template, and looking at results in a common way.  This will impact student learning in a real and important way.  Perhaps the single most important “trim tab” from the P3 work has been the Edusnap data.  This is concrete feedback to teachers that gives them direct feedback about what their students are doing in the classroom, and probably has been the single most important use of data I have seen over the past few years that has a dramatic impact on teaching practices in the classroom.  Wow, and worth every penny.”