Our Process

Observe– Children spend an average of 70,200 minutes in school each year.  EduSnap provides educators with a view of just how that time is experienced by children.
Inquire– EduSnap Data help users move from a mindset of evaluation towards one of inquiry.  The data motivate questions relevant to children’s learning and allow educators to look at instructional practices through a new lens.
Motivate– Data from classroom observations are a powerful intervention, especially when the motivation to improve practice results from the teacher identifying her own area(s) for improvement.  EduSnap is not a one-size-fits-all measure; instead data can be viewed at the classroom, grade, school, district, program and/or state level and inform decisions about the structure of professional development plans.
Support– With EduSnap, users can see changes in teaching practices and can use the data to consistently update their improvement plans based on the progress they are making in meeting their goals.

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