There is nothing as informative as being able to see all 25 EduSnap codes in action. The EduSnap Video Library provides video examples of each EduSnap code in a variety of activity settings and grade levels.

Videos grouped by code
EduSnap users should be able to identify EduSnap codes easily and accurately. The Video Library provides a variety of examples for each code so users can become more comfortable and confident in recognizing codes throughout the complex school day.
24/7 access
The EduSnap Video Library is there when you need it. Enjoy unlimited, 24/7 access to video exemplars. Watch a video once, twice, or twenty times at 9 a.m., noon, or midnight; you are in control.
Explanations for each video
Each video clip shows an example of an EduSnap code and each video clip includes a thorough, written explanation about how that video demonstrates the code.

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