Snapshot, Inc. staff are available for a variety of consultations ranging from support scheduling data collection to guidance providing EduSnap Data feedback.

EduSnap Classroom Observation Scheduling Support
Often one of the biggest challenges for districts is scheduling data collection in multiple classrooms and schools in a finite period of time. Snapshot, Inc. staff are available to offer tips and strategies, or more involved support, to ensure successful data collection.
EduSnap Data Feedback Support
Sharing classroom observation data in a way that moves from a mindset of evaluation toward one of inquiry can be challenging at first. The EduSnap User Guide provides sample questions, narrative interpretations of graphs, and a research base from which to start discussions. But if additional feedback support is needed, Snapshot, Inc. staff are available to help users guide inquiry based discussions.
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Consultation fees vary with service. Please contact us via the contact page or through [email protected] to discuss your consultation needs.

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