Snapshot, Inc. strives to provide a classroom observation measure and feedback tools that accurately describe classroom experiences, promote inquiry over evaluation, and successfully capture change and improvement, but this can only happen if the tools are used as intended.  Snapshot, Inc. provides on-site training and reliability testing to ensure accuracy and precision in observation and feedback.

EduSnap Classroom Observation Measure Training
EduSnap trainers will travel to a client and provide training for up to 12 users. During the 3-day training, users will learn how to navigate through the EduSnap Classroom Observation Measure application and accurately identify all EduSnap codes.
Reliability Testing
Reliability is vital in ensuring accuracy in classroom observations. Snapshot, Inc. strives to ensure accuracy and precision during data collection, and there’s only one way to verify this: test it! After Training is complete, attendees will be able to take up to three reliability tests to demonstrate their EduSnap coding knowledge.

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